ZipFish Web Design and Hosting, South Wales
Web design, maintenance and support

How much will my website cost?

Every website is different, and we quote for each one individually and after extensive discussion. This initial consulation and a detailed quote are free of charge, and there is no obligation to proceed.

However, prices range broadly from £400 for a basic, unextended Joomla! installation with a simple, custom-built theme, to £1,000+ for a complex ecommerce site selling hundreds of products. Support (inc. software maintenance) currently costs £120 per year, and domains start at around £12.95 per year (depending on the extension) .

Umbrella protecting money

These low costs are possible because ZipFish sites are based on the free content management system Joomla!, offering functionality that could otherwise cost thousands of pounds. Joomla's ease of use means that most website owners can maintain and update their own site's content without the need for professional help, thus reducing one of the main costs of website ownership. Maintenance of the site's software is covered in the hosting charge, and we can provide any additional help needed at clearly stated hourly rates.

If you are a small business, charity or individual with a limited budget, don't be afraid to ask us to help. We will do our best to provide the website you need at a price you can afford.