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North Down Farm pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigsNorth Down Farm

North Down is a traditional mixed livestock farm in the heart of mid-Devon, breeding pedigree, rare breed Gloucester Old Spot Pigs to sell as breeding stock or as pigs for buyers to bring on and finish themselves. 

The site features an active and entertaining blog, and Ernest Pig's Twitter feed!

Rowan Tree EditingRowan Tree Editing

Bespoke editing services for draft novels, short story collections, journalistic articles, PhD theses, professional documents and CVs.

The site features an active literary blog.

The Smiling SheepThe Smiling Sheep

This beautiful Devon smallholding offers Bed & Breakfast in a lovingly-converted thatched barn, rare breed meat boxes, and hand-woven throws from its flock of pedigree Balwen sheep. In addition, smallholding workshops are held at key points in the farming year for those thinking of taking up small-scale farming.

The site features a blog with news of the farm and its human and animal occupants, and a gallery of pictures taken around the smallholding throughout the seasons.

Torrington 1646Torrington 1646 Cafe

Torrington 1646 combines education and entertainment in a 17th century visitor attraction that recreates life in the town during the English Civil War. The guestbook is a central feature of this site, enabling visitors to provide feedback on their visit.

Tom Vaughan, poetTom Vaughan home page

Tom Vaughan is not the real name of a former British diplomat who has served in the Middle East, Africa and the US, and whose career has also included experience of conflict zones such as Afghanistan and the Balkans.

This unextended Joomla! site presents his poems to the public and publicises his published work.