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Plaice to PlacePlaice to Place

Plaice to Place supplies fresh, locally-caught fish to markets and villages in North Devon. This site incorporates a recipe archive, online ordering system and automated email list signup. Try the 'Monkfish with cider, green olives and potatoes' recipe - it's absolutely delicious!

The business has continued to grow, and in March 2015 the site was updated to reflect the opening of the new Plaice to Place shop in South Molton.

Nurturing Minds

The fact that psychotherapy and counselling professionals are ethically restricted in the amount and type of advertising that they can use can make this kind of site quite a challenge. Here we stuck to a clean, simple design, projecting a professional yet welcoming image and using largely abstract stock photography to introduce colour and interest to the site.

Graham's Psychology research and child development blog utilises Stack Ideas' EasyBlog component, enabling subscription, comments, and a host of other advanced features.

Melinda ElsonMelinda Elson

Melinda Elson is a teacher, counsellor and therapist specialising  in work with children and young people with learning difficulties and their families.

The drawings for the site were supplied by some of the children with whom she works.

Martin Parker verseMartin Parker Verse

Martin Parker is a popular and successful light verse poet whose work has frequently appeared in publications including The Spectator, The Oldie, The Literary Review, and The Sunday Telegraph.  Though a self-proclaimed technophobe, he has mastered Joomla's user-friendly interface and manages to update his own site regularly with new poems and news.

This site offers poetry publications for sale, using simply PayPal 'buy now' buttons.

Lighten Up Online - light verse ezineLighten Up Online

Lighten Up Online is a popular light verse ezine with contributors from the UK, USA and beyond. Joomla is the ideal CMS for this kind of application, making the uploading and organisation of content into issues an easy job for anyone with average word processing skills.

An ACYMailing email list is used to inform subscribers when each new issue is available.