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We emailed all Zipfish customers back in February with the news that Google Chrome had begun to mark all sites without a security certificate as 'not secure', and we've since installed certificates for many clients. Now the Mozilla Firefox browser has followed suit and is alerting users to unsecured sites, and Google has announced that the information symbol it currently uses to mark such sites will be replaced in due course with a red warning triangle, indicating danger.

This is a particular problem for sites where users are required to log in or enter details - for instance, sites with online shops - but all sites are affected, and the obvious danger is that visitors will panic and leave as soon as they see the warning. The cost of installing a free Let's Encrypt security certificate, site configuration and testing is £30. If your site doesn't have a certificate already and you'd like one installed, please get in touch.

What you need to know

Why use a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) makes it possible for anyone who can use word processing software to edit their own website

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About Joomla!

Our sites are based on the powerful and flexible content management system Joomla!, which is freely available for use under a GNU/GPL license

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About Open Source

The Open Source Initiative is maintained and constantly improved by a worldwide community of developers who give their time and skills free of charge.   

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About domain names

A domain name is a unique identifier that enables browsers to locate your website on the internet.

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About webhosting

To be available to internet users, the files that make up your website must be hosted on a 'server'.

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Extending your website

There are thousands of add-on components, modules and plugins available to extend Joomla's functionality.

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What about content?

Writing for the web is a special skill, and we understand that not everybody who needs a website will have experience in this area.

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What will my website cost?

Every website is different, and we quote for each one individually and free of charge after extensive discussion.

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What happens next?

If you'd like to talk informally about what a website could do for you, please contact us via the email form on the Contact page.

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