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We take a backup of each Zipfish site at the point it first goes live and occasionally thereafter, but if your site were to be attacked by hackers or succumb to a software or hardware failure, we could restore it only to the date of the most recent backup and many months or even years of updates could be lost. Some sites change very little over time, but any site with changing content, and particularly any featuring a shop or blog, is vulnerable to data loss in this way.

To counter this danger, we're introducing a new, low-cost backup service, available on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

  Daily Weekly Monthly
Saved to Dropbox A green tick A green tick A green tick
Owner access (optional)* A green tick A green tick A green tick
31 day rolling storage** A green tick A green tick  N/A
12mths rolling storage 1 backup per month 1 backup per month All backups
Cost per month £8.00 £5.00 £3.00
Billing interval options



The site and its database are backed up into a single file and saved to the Zipfish Dropbox account, *where you can access and download it if required for an extra layer of protection (please note that your Dropbox account must have sufficient space to accommodate the files). The backup can quickly be restored to a new MySQL database on any suitable server.

For more information or to arrange a regular backup schedule, please email

** daily and weekly backups are deleted after 31 days - except for those made on the first of each month, which are deleted after 12mths.

Please note: backups can fail for a variety of reasons, and we cannot absolutely guarantee that the most recent backup file will reinstall successfully.