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Time to update your templateThings change fast in the online world, and this applies to website appearance as well as functionality. As part of our hosting service, we make sure that your website's components are kept updated and continue to function as reliably and securely as possible despite frequent changes in technology and the hosting environment - but could it be time for a completely new look? 

The appearance of your site (colours, fonts, fixed images and layouts) is controlled by a template that ensures consistency across all of its pages, and If you feel that your site is beginning to show its age, it may need a complete template redesign.  

For most sites, this is best achieved by setting up a duplicate site that's not available to the public and trialling the new template there, applying the changes to the live site only when it's been tried, tested and approved. If you feel it might be time for a facelift, get in touch for an informal estimate of the likely cost - it's probably lower than you think.