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Optimizilla image compression

Overly large images are a common cause of slow-loading website pages, and Optimizilla is a handy online utility for reducing the size of your images without noticeable loss of quality. Simply upload your file, wait a few seconds, then download the optimised result.

See the example below. The 'After' image shrunk by 77% after receiving the Optimizilla treatment. Can you spot any significant difference between the two?


Before - 251kbAfter - 35.7kb

A saving of around 120kb may not seem terrifically significant, but even very small reductions in loading speeds can make a difference to your site's search engine rankings. But Optimizilla won't resize your image for you - before you upload it for compression, you'll still need to make sure that its dimensions (i.e. pixel width and height) are no bigger than the maximum size at which you want it to display. To do that, you'll need image editing software: if you don't have a paid package, try the free and open source Gimp