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About domain names

To make your website available on the internet, you must first choose and register a domain name. Deciding on a name can be the trickiest part of the process, because all of the obvious ones (and a great many of the less obvious ones) may already have been registered. Aim for a name that is unique, apt, memorable, relevant, and not too long or too cryptic.

What is a domain name?

Domain extensions on signpostsA domain name is a unique identifier that enables browsers to locate your website on the internet. The extension (, .com., .org, and so on), forms part of that unique identifier - so although there can only be one '', '' and '' are registered separately and may identify different websites.

How do I get one?

When you commission a ZipFish website, we will register your domain name for you. Domain registration lasts for one or two years, and after that time it must be renewed or the domain becomes publicly available again for purchase. ZipFish hosted domains are renewed automatically by default, so that they cannot be accidentally lost.

What if I already own a domain?

 If you already own a domain, we can arrange to transfer it from your current hosting provider.