ZipFish Web Design and Hosting, South Wales
Web design, maintenance and support

What about content?

A website is made up of two main components:

  • Design: the way it looks and functions.
  • Content: the text and images that fill its pages.

The appearance and function of the site are the province of the designer, while content is usually the responsibility of the client (or of a copywriter and/or artist employed by the client).

Copywriting and editing

Writing for the web is a special skill, and we understand that not everybody who needs a website will have experience in this area. If you need help compiling your website's content, please let us know and we'll include this in the quote.

A copy editing service - checking for and correcting errors of grammar, punctuation and syntax - is included in the initial site setup. Your site will form your visitor's first impression of your business or group, and it's essential that it represents you as well-organised and conscientious.

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