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About Open Source software

Open Source Initiative logoOpen Source Software is the term used for what was previously known as ‘free software’. It’s still free, but the term Open Source (OS) expresses the principle that anyone may take the source code of an OS application and further develop it, though they may not then sell that enhanced application – only continue to share it as freeware.

The Open Source Initiative is maintained and constantly improved by a worldwide community of developers who give their time and skills free of charge. OS software is distributed under a GNU General Public Licence (GPL). This licence grants rights to users, who may use the software in the course of their business but may not sell on the software itself. You can read more about the GNU GPL here:

ZipFish does not charge clients for the Joomla! Content Management System. Our charges cover its installation, setup, and (where applicable) the design and implementation of a custom template, and any other services that come as part of the chosen package.